The Met – Breuer Activation Concepts

The Met tasked our agency to come up with activation concepts for the pre-opening, opening, and first year of their new branch featuring modern art at the Met Breuer. Some of the challenges put to us were to showcase its opening and get people to come from the main Met building to The Met Brauer building, 7 blocks away. Below are several I came up with.

Breuer Building Wrap

Wrap the Breuer Building (à la Christo). Once construction begins, create a wrap as a piece of public art. This would make the building a destination during the long construction period. The wrap could also be branded with the Met logo.  

Once construction is completed and the building is ready for the public, the Breuer Building would be “unwrapped” as a gift to all arts patrons in New York City and beyond.

Breuer Window Projections

Project artwork from inside the Breuer Building out to Madison Avenue. Works could be from The Artists’ Project, the Met’s web initiative featuring 100 contemporary arts sharing how the Met has influenced them. 

The projections would maintain the Breuer Building as a place for art during construction, engaging pedestrians, and weaving the Met into local street life even before Breuer re-opens.

Breuer Exterior Projections

Project art and messaging on the exterior of the Breuer Building. This could be a series of light installations that keep the Madison Avenue location alive as an artistic hive during construction, draws arts patrons, and highlights the work of various contemporary artists.

Met Shuttle: Pedi-cabs between Met and Breuer

Engage multiple pedal cabs as patron shuttles between the Met and Breuer Building. The pedal cabs would also serve as branded, mobile advertising for the Met.

Pick-up and discharge stations would be established at both the Met and Breuer Building, giving patrons an easy, fun method of traveling between the two buildings.

As a promotional and viral social media opportunity, Met directors, artists, and/or celebrity supporters of The Met could ride in the pedicab at featured times with patrons. Rides could even be offered as auction items (“Bid for a ride to The Breuer with Hugh Jackman!”).

Pressure Washed Logo Path

Repeatedly pressure-wash the Met logo on the sidewalk to create a walkway between the Met and the Breuer Building. The effect would be a branded, distinctive link between the Met locations.

In addition, if the Met is unveiling a new logo at this time, the walkway could be an opportunity to present this new branding to the public. 


Petition NYCDOT to place Citibike stations outside the Met and Breuer locations when the program expands to the Upper East Side in 2017. Although the expansion is two years away, it would be best to begin the process as soon as possible.

Sponsor Citibike now. The bikes will be seen all around the city and can be done right away.

As a reference, Citibike ridership in April 2014 totaled 671,626 rides, with an average of 22,388 rides per day.

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