ROM – Forbidden City Campaign

In 2015 the ROM presented an exhibition of artifacts from the Forbidden City, which was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty—years 1420 to 1912. The audience had a rare treat to view this trove of treasures from the Palace Museum. The ROM was also highlighting its 100th anniversary with a strong show that drove audiences to the museum.

We were tasked with creating an identity for the show and bringing the show and ROM’s brand to life via outdoor advertising and activation placements all around Toronto.

We were also given an opportunity to design an entire experiential bus shelter in a high-traffic area of downtown Toronto. A social media campaign was coordinated with it where people waiting for the bus interacted with the installation and posted photos on Twitter which then allowed them to receive a discount at the museum.

ROM-0022A-Forbidden City_BusShelterWrap_insitu_v41
Bus Shelter Domination-Outside
ROM-0022A-Forbidden City_BusShelterWrap_insitu_v42
Bus Shelter Domination-Inside

ROM-0022A-Forbidden City_BusShelterWrap_insitu_v44.jpgROM-0022A-Forbidden City_BusShelterWrap_insitu_v45.jpg

ROM-0022-Forbidden City_Banners_170x588_v1_insitu2
ROM-0022-Forbidden City_Banners_170x588_v1_insitu
ROM-0022-Forbidden City_Billboard_20x10_v3_insitu
ROM-0022A-Forbidden City_BusShelter_47.25x68.25(25%)_insitu_v1.1
Bus Stop Posters
Bus sides
ROM-0022A-Forbidden City_CarCard_10.25x14.25(50%)_insitu_v1
Subway Cards
Print Ads – Newsprint and Magazine
Digital Ads

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