The Met – Cubism Activation Concepts

Before their big Cubism show The Met wanted some “out-of-the-box” concepts for activations/stunts leading up to the exhibition in order to generate excitement. These are some I proposed.

Cubism Mirror Mobile or Stationary

Lease a moving billboard and install different angled mirrored panels. As the billboard is driven through the city, the reflections would simulate Cubist art. The Cubism Mirror would also be parked in public spaces and people would take photos of its reflection. They would also take selfies of their own “cubism” reflection with The Met and/or show branding. Smaller-scale reflective sculptures could be built and placed either at the Met or moved to locations around the city.

The Met and viewers would tweet out the location of the billboard – similar to popular food trucks. The billboard would be branded with the Cubism title treatment and #MetCubism. Viewers would be directed to go online and find out more.


Cubism Street Portraits or Street Painting

Engage street portrait artist(s) to draw personalized Cubism portraits. Set up areas both outside of the Met and/or in other areas of the city. Use social media to let people know where they are. #MetCubism

The Met could also hire a street artist(s) to draw a cubist painting on the sidewalk/street, in and around one of NYC’s parks, or in front of The Met itself.

The Met would take photos and/or videos of these artists at work to promote the event – like the live painting of the High Line wall-scape.

Sitters and passersby would take photos and post them to social media, enhancing the viral nature of the stunt. Time-lapse photos and videos would capture these artist(s) at work and be posted online for posting on #MetCubism blog.

The area around the easel could be branded using pressure-washed templates of The Met logo and/or show titles so people know that it is related to the Met and the Cubism show.



Cubism Camera

Hire photographers to take personalized Cubism photos using a digital camera inside a Brownie camera box with a cracked lens … designed to replicate the Brownie camera with a cracked lens which inspired Picasso to create Cubism paintings in the early 1900s. Or use a digital camera with a cubism filter inserted in a Brownie shell.

Photos would also be shared online (#MetCubism). Send visitors to the website to make prints or share online.


Cubism Photo Booth – Inside or Outside

Related to the previous, place a Cubism Photo Booth at the end of the exhibition. The booth will be designed as a replica of Picasso’s Brownie camera with a cracked lens that inspired him. Visitors will take photos which they print and pin to a large wall in the Museum. Or a digital wall could be used and a sampling of digital pictures taken could randomly be shown on the wall and internet.

Also possible to place the booth at an NYC location (Times Square, Madison Square Park, etc.) or outside The Met.

Photos could also be shared online (#MetCubism).



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